Time to Dapps | League of Kingdoms, Versus, and Sorare

Hi guys and welcome to another week with Time to Dapps, a weekly writeup that looks into existing Dapps and also ongoing events surrounding the Dapps sphere. Stay with us as we dive into this week’s collection.

Starting this week Dapp collection is League of kingdoms.

League of Kingdoms

League of kingdoms is an MMO based game built on the Ethereum Blockchain where players will be able to brawl for domination, like most Blockchain games, in-game items are regarded as NFT and as such they can be traded for crypto or any other currency allowed.

After successfully completing its first land presale a few days back, the team spent no time offline as they launched the 2nd presale, prices of lands generally increases gradually from each presale hold and if you are looking to be a landowner, this is definitely the best time to check the game out.

Lands bought during the presale event are owned by buyers until they decide to sell out or gift to another user.

Steps to enter the 2nd presale event

  • Download TokenPocket wallet from Appstore or Playstore depending on your device preference
  • Import or create an Ethereum account
  • From the asset page, click on discover menu and search for league of kingdoms

Your Ethereum account should have the required amount needed to take part in this event, click on the land of your choice, and confirm the transaction to purchase.

If all was successful then congrats on owning land in League of kingdoms.


Built on the Tron Blockchain, Versus is a PVP puzzle-based game where players battle in a close system and the top 10 players enjoy the spoils of war.

Like most Blockchain-based games, Versus takes use of the smart contract feature available on the Tron network which ensures a fair play system is observed.

While most users might be confused about the mode of play and rules governing the game, a simple and yet fun to read writeup was created which ensures even the noob of noobs won’t have a hard time getting used to the game system.

Steps to join the game

  • As usual, Versus can be played from TokenPocket and users can easily download the app from PlayStore or Appstore
  • Create or import a Tron wallet to TokenPocket
  • From the asset page, click on discover and click the search icon
  • Type in https://versus.fun/ to gain access to the Dapp

Log in and read the rules of the game to better understand the working principles behind Versus


How would you like to own your very own NFT soccer collectibles?

Most of us probably played the game FIFA manager, or any game that generally involves us managing a team of players, using the technology surrounding the Blockchain, Sorare is a game that creates ownership to game characters and also allows users to sell this NFT when they see fit.

Built on the Ethereum Blockchain, users are able to buy and sell soccer NFT’s with the option to either hold them as collectibles or create a team formation via the Dapp Sorare.

NFT’s can be accessed and sold via different platforms like Opensea, and other NFT’s market for the exchange of ETH or any other supported currency.

Steps to access Sorare

  • Download TokenPocket wallet from Playstore or Appstore depending on your mobile preference
  • Create or import an Ethereum account
  • From the asset page, click on discover
  • Locate the new Dapp section or simply search for Sorare

Sorare requires you to create and verify your account, this can be carried out via the Dapp and as a new user, and you are instantly giving access to common cards to begin your journey

This is it for this week, stay safe and mask-on



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