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Written by Oteme Eghele

Hi guys and welcome to another weekly edition of Time to Dapps, a weekly write-up where we enlighten our users on different types of Dapps currently available and how to get started with them on TokenPocket.

Dapps short for decentralized applications, these are software built on the blockchain which creates freedom, good record-keeping, and also incentivizes its users.

Over the years, Dapps have grown from gambling to role-playing games, blogging, and music until recently where it started moving into digital asset acquisition which we call NFTs (non-fungible token)

Blockchain is no longer all about it database storing but far more and NFT is probably one of its major use case at the moment. Although, the possibility of something far better than this might be discovered in the foreseeable future. That said, let’s take a look into some of the NFTs Dapp we can access via TokenPocket.

The only requirement to access an NFT is via a wallet that supports the said token before now it was ERC-721 based but it seems other blockchains are gradually rolling this feature up and I think soon, NFTs won’t be limited to just Ethereum blockchain, maybe we might even see a cross-blockchain NFT been developed in the future, well who knows?

TokenPocket supports all Ethereum based tokens and the best part, it is mobile-based, meaning you have access to your tokens at every point in time without the need to boot up your PC.

TokenPocket is a noncustodial multichain wallet that allows users to easily store their crypto assets. It also acts as a Dapp browser to it supported blockchains


NFT being a token itself simply means it can be transferred from one address to another and that’s where OpenSea comes in, we have market places where we exchange our various types of cryptocurrency for another type, that’s what OpenSea is but instead of Cryptocurrencies, we trade NFTs here for the exchange of ETH, WETH, and other types of available coin.

OpenSea is the largest market for trading Crypto-Collectibles popularly known as NFTs, from gaming assets to artworks, if it’s an NFT, there is every possibility you can trade it on OpenSea.

Steps to access OpenSea on TokenPocket

OpenSea runs on the Ethereum blockchain and as such, you need to have an Ethereum based wallet to access this platform and TokenPocket does exactly that.

  • Launch TokenPocket and from startup page and click on Ethereum wallet
  • Create or import an account via the different methods available
  • From asset page, click on Discover menu
  • Locate NFT section from the list of Dapps available
  • Click on OpenSea and a new tab opens up

You can interact with the platform, explore the different NFTs available there or simply sell yours if you had any prior to now.


Just like OpenSea, TokenTrove is somewhat similar but the number of tradeable NFTs here is somewhat low when compared with the volumes available on OpenSea. That said, TokenTrove has its pecks and of such is the feature that allows buyers to create a price list for a particular asset, thereby creating an easy process for sellers to easily offload their goods if the price tallies with them but if not, they can always list the NFT for their own desired price.

TokenTrove is more fit for games like gods unchained, gamers on gods unchained most times use TokenTrove as their desired trade market, that said, the dev behind TokenTrove is not slacking in any way, over the months they have made series of updates to make TokenTrove easy to use for first-timers and pro alike.

Steps to access TokenTrove on TokenPocket

The same steps as listed above for OpenSea,

  • From asset page, click on Discover menu
  • Locate NFT section from the list of Dapps available
  • Click on TokenTrove and a new tab opens up

Explore the new tab for various features (list, buy, sell, bid).


As we mentioned earlier, NFTs are no longer limited to just gaming assets but more, the idea of NFT is all about not repeating the same product, each NFT as its own digital signature that differentiates it from others and just like cryptocurrencies, there is a limit of the total supply of a particular NFT. This thereby creates scarcity and thus the price difference we see listed on NFTs markets.

Artworks align with this and as such, we have seen artists coming into the NFT section to create their work and thus sell them as a limited edition to highest bidders. KnownOrigin just like OpenSea and TokenTrove is an NFT market place but unlike them, it is limited to artwork and thus if you are looking for an orderly arrangement of artworks then KnownOrigin is the choice for you.

Steps to access KnownOrigin on TokenPocket

  • From asset page, click on Discover menu
  • Locate NFT section from the list of Dapps available
  • Click on KnownOrigin and a new tab opens up

Explore the new tab for various features

This is all for this week, meet you guys at the same time next week.

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