Time to Dapps | Pools & Uniswap

3 min readJul 20, 2020

Editor: Oteme Eghele

Hi guys and welcome to another edition of Time to Dapps, and as usual, we are going to take a quick peek into some of the trending DApps and also ways to access them via TokenPocket.

TokenPocket is a multi-chain wallet and a DApp browser that allow users to easily manage their crypto funds and also browse through varieties of different types of DApps


With the introduction of instant swap and DEX exchange, one has to be aware at all times which pool offers the best liquidity, by this users will always have means to swap their coins/tokens for others at a go without fear of low liquidity.

Pools offer exactly this, it’s a platform that takes calculation of all pools and liquidity they each offer, thereby creating a list from first to least of recommended pools users are sure to have best deals.

Built on ETH network, users will need an ETH base account to interact with this platform, by default, users can view pools and their current liquidity alongside their daily transaction but the need to access or interact with this feature requires one to have an ETH account and also a web3 base wallet which is readily available on TokenPocket

Getting started with TokenPocket is very easy and it does not require any degree to fully comprehend its functionality.

Download TokenPocket from play store or AppStore, import or create an ETH account and don’t forget to backup your 12 phrase word when doing this

From the asset page, click on discover and navigate to the new section, click on Pools to manage your account, and also locate the best pool available at all times.


Discussing pool won’t be complete without making reference to Uniswap, from 1up a popular social media to minds, users can easily trade these tokens against ETH with a good liquidity amount at almost every time/day.

Built on the Eth network, Uniswap functions as an instant swap exchange that allows users to fund pools and also exchange token from one to another at an affordable fee.

Since it’s establishment, the team has been working tirelessly to ensure Uniswap becomes the absolute best amongst its pairs and this has lead to Uniswap v2.

Just like V1, V2 has no much difference and users can easily swap between their choice of selection and it also provides an alert message when a pool offers cheaper exchange to the other, ensuring you always have the best rate when dealing.

To access Uniswap, you need a web3 wallet and as we mentioned above, TokenPocket supports exactly this.

Download TokenPocket wallet and import or create an Ethereum account, click on discover from your asset page and search on Uniswap via the search icon.

It comes with a search result and users can easily make their choice when accessing Uniswap, V1, or V2.

That’s it for this week and until next time, stay safe and mask-on




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