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Hi guys, it’s another Friday and you already know what it is, Time to Dapps with the current situation surrounding the blockchain and uncertainty rising day after day, we at TokenPocket saw it fit to talk about Dapps that allows users to stake their coins/tokens with the hope of getting good returns daily, weekly or monthly with little to no risk.

Cryptocurrency, a digital form of payment for goods and services while maintaining a fixed supply thereby creating the need and in thus greater demand leading to high price.

Time to Dapps hope to teach crypto enthusiasts and also newbies in the crypto space on different Dapps alongside the various types of opportunities presented by this Dapp

Dapps short for Decentralized applications are platforms that use blockchain technology to provide decentralized features to users while creating some sort of incentives to keeps users intrigue and also coming back for more.


Coming up first today is Oasis, built on the Ethereum blockchain, Oasis is an updated version of eth2dai.com which offers Ethereum users the feature to trade across stable coins paired with Ethereum such as WETH or against stable coin paired with USD such as USDT, while it offers the feature to trade, users can also stake these coins and get daily returns from a reward pool where a calculated APR has already been drawn be it on USDT, USDX or what have you.

With uncertainty on the rise and price fluctuation on most cryptocurrency, Oasis offers users the function to easily dive into stable coins, invest and get daily rewards. Also, they offer an easy exit.

Oasis runs on the Ethereum blockchain and as such it requires users to own an Ethereum based account before access is granted to them. TokenPocket is a multichain wallet which provides access to more than 5 different types of blockchains with Ethereum being among them. Users can easily create or import an Ethereum account, click on discover from the asset page and navigate to the Ethereum blockchain section where a direct link to Oasis has already been provided prior to now.


Help they say go to the needing what if there was a platform that actually rewards users for giving out help? Cool right? Well, that is what Karma offers and more.

Built on the EOS blockchain, Karma is a content creation and staking platform where users are able to earn the token Karma by gifting out help, make short posts/videos about it and when voted by the community, such post generates reward which can be claimed and traded for fiat.

While it offers rewards from content creation, users can also earn more when they hold and stake the token karma, staking simply means locking up Karma for a brief period or as long as the user wants it.

Power up as it is called on karma can be achieved via TokenPocket.

Create or import an EOS account to TokenPocket, hold some amount of the token Karma, click on Discover menu from the asset page, a new menu is shown to you, locate the finance section of TokenPocket Discover menu, navigate down until Karma option comes up, log in with the EOS account containing the Karma you would like to stake, on the power-up box, input the amount you want to stake and click Power up, confirm the transaction and that’s all.

Rewards are generated and can be claimed once a while, un-staking takes approximately 3 days for your staked karma to become un-staked.


Coming out as №3 for today is LendF while collateral is becoming a thing on the blockchain and users been able to supply/stake different types of coins/token to yield reward daily or weekly, LendF went a step further by allowing users to borrow supported assets with crypto collaterals while ensuring their suppliers gets good APR of their invested coins.

On the screenshot shown above, a total of 8.89% APR is giving to suppliers who deposit USDT making it one of the top collateral platforms currently running on the blockchain.

LendF is built on the Ethereum blockchain and like every Dapp, it requires users to own an Ethereum account be it if they are borrowing or lending.

With the world gradually going mobile, a need for mobile wallet is always needed and that is what TokenPocket offers, a multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet that allows its users to store different types of cryptocurrencies at a go, it also acts as a Dapp browser to access Dapps like LendF and many others.

To access LendF.Me,

Create an Ethereum account via TokenPocket wallet and yes it is free to create, have a backup of your keys, and click on Discover menu from your Ethereum asset page, on the search bar, type in lendf.me to access the Dapp Lendf.Me

That is all we have for today, don’t forget to follow us and keep up with the different Dapps currently available and been developed.

Disclaimer, The above is for educational and entertainment purposes, users are always advised to do their own research before investing in any digital platform.

Written by Oteme Eghele

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