TokenPocket 75,240 $STRK Airdrop

2 min readMar 25, 2024

Check your eligibility on TokenPocket!

Eligibility and Rules for Claiming

  1. Users who have participated in the TokenPocket ETH2.0 Staking Vault and have accumulated a staking amount greater than or equal to 0.1 ETH before Sept 16th, 2022, 00:00:00 UTC.
  2. Claim on Ethereum, users can connect with your TokenPocket wallet on the page: , and check your eligibility.
  3. The claiming period for this distribution is 3 months. Failure to claim within this period will be considered as forfeiture.
  4. TokenPocket Foundation Ltd has final interpretation rights for this airdrop.

About TokenPocket

TokenPocket is the world’s leading multi-chain self-custodial wallet and supports EVM-compatible networks such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, and Ethereum Layer2, as well as non-EVM-compatible networks like Bitcoin, TRON, Solana, and Dogecoin. The Recovery Phrase and Private Key are stored in the user’s own device and the user can fully control his own crypto assets.

TokenPocket product lineup encompasses Mobile Wallet, Chrome Extension Wallet, and KeyPal Hardware Wallet, forming a comprehensive ecosystem.

With the TokenPocket wallet, you can easily connect with 1000+ networks, thousands of DApps, and the whole Web3 ecosystem! Additionally, users can enjoy one-stop decentralized trading services and on/off-ramp services provided by TokenPocket.

TokenPocket has provided reliable services for over 25 million users around the world. The number of monthly active users exceeds 3.5 million and is located in more than 200 countries and regions around the world.

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1. 截止至 2022–09–16 00:00:00 UTC,有参与 TokenPocket ETH2.0 质押宝且累计参与质押量大于或等于 0.1 ETH 的用户。

2. 领取网络为 Ethereum,请输入您的 Ethereum 钱包地址进行检查及领取。领取页面:

3. 本次领取期限为3个月,3个月内未领取则视为放弃。

4. 本次空投最终解释权归 TokenPocket Foundation Ltd 所有。


TokenPocket是全球领先的多链自托管钱包,支持Ethereum、BNB Chain、Polygon等EVM兼容网络和以太坊Layer2,以及Bitcoin、TRON、Solana、Dogecoin等非EVM兼容网络。TokenPocket用户的私钥和助记词仅存储在用户自己的设备中,用户的资产完全由用户自己控制。


TokenPocket 已为全球超过 2500 万用户提供可靠的服务。月活跃用户数超过350万,用户遍布全球200多个国家和地区。

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