TokenPocket Foundation announces the launch of EOS/TPT exchange ERC20-TPT channel

At present, ERC20-TPT has been launched on Uniswap and Weilian decentralized exchanges and you can also use ERC20-TPT to participate in DeFi projects on ETH (such as SakeSwap). In order to further satisfy the cross-chain needs of TPT holders, the TokenPocket Foundation decided to launch the ERC20-TPT exchange channel on November 10. With this, users will be able to use the TPT on the EOS chain to transfer TPT assets to the Ethereum chain 1:1.

TPT Swap Rules:
1. This time, we will adopt a limited-time swap, the swap time is: November 10th-November 16th.

2. The users who are interested in this swap should transfer the TPT to the unified address:, and use the Memo to note his own ETH address where he would like to receive the swapped TPT (filling in an exchange ETH address will not work and generate a failed transaction). The TokenPocket Foundation will uniformly transfer all the TPT to each ETH account on November 17.

3. The swap ratio for EOS TPT and ETH TPT is 1:1, and the minimum amount to swap is 100000 TPT. Since ETH transfers require miner fees, we will deduct 800 TPT as fees for each exchange order.

4. The transfers in which the Memo is not filled, is filled with a wrong address, or don’t meet the minimum amount will not be processed. In these cases, the TPT that does not meet the conditions will be returned to the user’s EOS account on November 17th.

5. This swap is one-way. Only EOS TPT can be swapped for ETH TPT

6. The TPT that are swapped will be locked in the unified address, and a two-way swap will be launched in the future.

As a multi-chain token, TPT has been successfully launched on ETH, EOS, TRON, IOST, and BOS, and the circulating supply is controlled to be constant through multi-chain locking. TPT is an important link in the TokenPocket ecosystem that connects wallets, users, and project developers. Currently, TPT can be used for EOS resource purchase, wallet VIP function unlocking, TP service fee payment, and TP rewards, among others. TPT has officially been launched a number of exchanges, including Newdex, Whale Exchange,, Hotbit, Biki, etc.


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