TokenPocket Foundation Launched IOST-TPT Swapping Today

To support the development of the DeFi ecosystem on IOST, the TokenPocket Foundation launched IOST-TPT swapping today, where users are allowed to migrate TPT to IOST at an exchange rate of 1:1.

The detailed rules are as follows:
1. The swapping will last for a limited period of time: from September 14 to 16.
2. Users need to transfer the TPT desired to transfer to one swapping address:, and put their IOST recipient address in Memo (please do not use an address from exchanges, otherwise the transaction will fail). The TokenPocket Foundation will transfer the IOST-TPT to all participating accounts on September 17.
3. The swapping ratio between EOS-TPT and IOST-TPT is 1:1, with a minimum swapping amount of 100,000TPT.
4. Users who forget to include a Memo, put a wrong recipient address, or don’t reach the swap minimum are not able to complete their swapping. Their TPT will be returned to their EOS accounts on September 16.
5. The swapping only supports one-way migration, which is from EOS TPT to IOST TPT.
6. The swapped TPT on EOS will be locked in the account. Two-way swapping will be launched in the future.

TPT stands for TokenPocket Token. It is a utility token representing TP users and developers’ right to enjoy functionalities provided by the TokenPocket ecosystem. It is also a vital link connecting the wallet, users and project developers.

Through circulation in various scenarios, TPT serves as a means of payment and membership certificate to release the entire business of TokenPocket. Currently TPT can be used in scenarios such as EOS Gas purchase, wallet advanced functions unlock, TP advertising fee payment, and TP Man rewards. TPT has officially listed on a number of decentralized exchanges (such as NewDex, Whale Exchange) and centralized exchanges (such as BiKi, Hoo).

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