TokenPocket Foundation Officially Launches Swap for TRON TPT on August 25th

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On August 25th, the TokenPocket Foundation officially launches TPT swap, and users are allowed to migrate TPT from EOS to TRON at a ratio of 1:1.TRON TPT plans to launch JustSwap this week.

The detailed rules are as follows:
1.The swap lasts for a limited period of time from August 25 to 27.
2.Users need to transfer the TPT on EOS to one same swap address:, and put their TRON recipient address as Memo (please do not use the TRON address from an exchange, otherwise the transaction will fail ). The TokenPocket Foundation will transfer the TRON TPT to each account on August 28.
3.The swap ratio between EOS TPT and TRON TPT is 1:1, with a minimum of 100,000TPT.
4.Users who forget to include a Memo, put the wrong recipient address, or don’t reach the swap minimum are not able to complete their swap. The TPT will be returned to their EOS accounts on August 28th.
5.The swap only supports one-way migration, which is from EOS TPT to TRON TPT.
6.The swapped TPT on EOS will be locked in the account. Two-way swap will be launched in the future.

The TokenPocket Foundation reserves the right to final interpretation.

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