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The TokenPocket Foundation announced the launch of the TPT token on ETH on 14th July. The ERC-20 TPT has a total supply of 5.9 billion, with a circulating amount of 100 million and the remaining 5.8 billion is locked. (Address: 0xa12B3ea3785d9229941bde3e9A446a14A664b5bb ).

Meanwhile, the 100 million TPT circulating on EOS will also be locked (Address: tpwallet1113), which is to ensure that the circulation volume of TPT on all chains totals at a permanent value — 3.725 billion, and to avoid inflation.

TPT (ERC-20) contract address

contract address is 0x4161725d019690a3e0de50f6be67b07a86a9fae1

The TokenPocket Foundation burnt 2.175 billion TPT (EOS based) on October 31, 2019, after which the total supply of TPT was reduced to 3.725 billion from 5.9 billion.

TPT officially launched its Buyback & Burn Program on June 1, 2019. The TokenPocket Foundation will spend 25% of its monthly revenue on the Buyback & Burn Program.

How to Trade TPT on Uniswap

Method B: Tap [Uniswap info] on the Discover page, and search [TPT] on the home page of Uniswap info, then you can see the TPT-ETH pair.

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Here you can add liquidity or swap TPT in your need.

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Start your journey of discovery

  1. Go to [Discover] > [DApps]

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