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2 min readJul 13, 2020


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A Decentralized Synthetic Asset

Oikos is a Tron based synthetic asset platform that provides on-chain exposure to fiat currencies, commodities, stocks, and indices. Synths act like the liquidation of OKS, allowing crypto-native and unbanked users to trade P2C (peer-to-contract) on Oikos Exchange without liquidity limitations.

A Trustless Exchange

Oikos Swap is a Tron port of Uniswap: a trustless decentralized exchange that allows users to trade any Tron-based token without any deposits or withdrawals to a centralized order book. Better yet, Oikos Swap liquidity pools have little to no slippage for the vast majority of transactions. Anyone can contribute by adding or removing liquidity to gain commissions in the form of exchange fees as well as rewards paid in OKS token.

Today, we are gonna show you how to use Swap to exchange for OKS with TRX in TokenPocket.

TokenPocket website:


  1. Tap on Oikos Swap in Discover, there are three functions on this page: Swap, Send, and Pool. And Swap is something we use the most frequently. You can choose TRX, DCD, JST, OKS, sTRX, sUSD, TEWKEN, or USDJ to input or output.
  2. After selecting input and output tokens, the exchange rate will be shown. Enter the amount of input token you want to exchange and tap on Swap to finish the swap.


Send is similar to asking someone else to swap tokens for you. For example, B can use this function to ask A to exchange for some OKS for him and transfer the OKS to his address. B only needs to set the input token, amount, and his own address. The pool currently supports liquid mining rewards for TRX/STRX. Users can deposit TRX-STRX to earn rewards.

The article only serves as a tutorial, which does not provide any form of investment advice. Please use the corresponding at your own discretion.

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