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The EOS Referendum

The EOS referendum system is jointly developed and promoted by supernodes and communities such as EOS Canada, EOS Nation, EOS Authority, EOS Asia, Greymass etc. TokenPocket is the first wallet to access the EOS referendum system.

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The referendum system is a more general voting system. It is not only suitable for referendums, but also for more scenarios, and voting options can be as many as 256 options.

  1. Anyone can initiate a proposal, and the memory consumed by the proposal (370 bytes ≈ 0.36 kb) is paid by the sponsor.
  2. The EOS account holder can participate in the voting. The memory generated by the voting (430 bytes ≈ 0.42 kb) will be paid by the voter.
  3. The sponsor of the proposal can set an expiration time when the proposal is initiated. Once the expiration time is reached, there will be a 3-day buffer period during which no one can vote or modify.
  4. After the proposal has expired, the memory occupied by the proposal and voting will be released back to the user.

The difference with Vote

In the referendum system, the stake rights used in voting are similar to those of the supernode. The only difference is that if you give the ticket to the proxy, if the proxy chooses “YES”, then you personally have the right to choose “NO”. Then, this “NO” will be overwritten by the “YES” cast by the proxy.

That is to say, when voting has different opinions, the individual’s vote has a higher priority than the proxy vote.

The referendum system is still in the testing phase, and the rules and functions are still being improved.

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