TokenPocket Launches Cloud Wallet After Closing TPExchange

Today we announce the launch of the TokenPocket cloud wallet. The cloud wallet is available in a new upgrade to the TokenPocket app which is downloadable from our website as TestFlight and APK. It would soon be available on Google Play & App Store.

Several weeks ago, we announced the closure of the TokenPocket Exchange. We advised users to withdraw their funds from the exchange and informed them that all the funds left in the exchange would be automatically transferred to a cloud-based wallet which users would be able to access using their TPExchange log in detail. The TPExchange is the only service that was shut down. Other services like the non-custodial TokenPocket wallet and DApp browser continues to function effectively and wax stronger.

If you were a TPExchange user, you can now log in to the cloud wallet with your TPExchange’s account details and withdraw/fund your account, send/receive crypto and enjoy all the benefits of a centralized cloud wallet.

The latest upgrade to the TokenPocket app also comes with a more vivid presentation of the Forget CPU mode icon on the homepage. We’ve made it more obvious to ensure more pleasant user experience.

Forget CPU mode icon on the TokenPocket app.

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