TokenPocket Launches on App Store

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It is so happy to announce that TokenPocket has launched on App Store.

One small step of TokenPocket, one big step of the EOS ecology.

For the reason that TokenPocket support Scatter on the wallet, and TokenPocket supports about one hundred EOS DApps. We believe that this will bring a lot of good news for EOS. And we will keep what we can to contribute to the EOS ecology.

Why TokenPocket ?

  • In order to bring a much healthier ecology system for EOS, we developed Proxies Voting with EOS Mediterranean and Aloha EOS. And it is said that TokenPocket is the first Wallet support UI Proxies Voting.
  • The first digital wallet that support Scatter. We know that developers like to build applications based on PC or Web, in order to reduce their repetitive work. We supported Scatter locally on the TokenPocket. And now, any kind of DApps that support Scatter can be used or played on TokenPocket.
  • Multi-layer encrypted. In order to make users’ keys safe. We make multi-layer encrypted of the all the data. And we have been cracked for many times by geeks in China. They all confirmed the safety of TokenPocket. And all recommend users to use.
  • Almost 90% of Chinese users choose us. And our users come from 47 countries.
  • In order to thanks the community, we will offer candies or token for those who contributes to TokenPocket and EOS community.

How to download ?

Now it can be downloaded in all the countries that support App Store include China.

1. Just open your AppStore Application in your iOS devices.

2. Search “tokenpocket”. You will find it.

3. Download it.

Peace & Love.

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