TokenPocket Monthly Report(December 2020)

3 min readJan 22, 2021

TokenPocket’s projects are progressing smoothly this month. Feel free to check out the monthly report to learn more about TokenPocket’s development updates in the past month. A big thank you to every supporter and follower!

TokenPocket Foundation

Development Updates

Dec 10th ENS Went Online

[Update Details]

The latest version of Android: 1.1.3

iOS Pro/Plus version number: 3.1.2(65) plus 3.1.3(65)

App Store 1.4.8

1 Android: added the “one-click migration” function

2 Android: added floating window function

3 Support ENS domain name transfer

4 Token search optimization

5 Ethereum, TRON, and smart chain: added sub-wallet creation function

6 Binance Smart Chain: added cold wallet and observation mode functions

Dec 21th supported Huobi ECO Chain

The latest version of Android:1.1.5

iOS Pro/Plus version number: 3.1.2(70)

[Update Details]

supported Huobi ECO Chain(Heco)

Dec 25th officially released Polkadot and Kusama versions

The latest version of Android:1.1.6

iOS Pro/Plus version number: 3.1.3(71)

[Update Details]

supported Polkadot and Kusama

Community News

  • Dec 8th, TokenPocket partnered with decentralized trading platform DODO.
  • Dec 8th, TokenPocket Foundation completed the 19th round of TPT repurchase and destruction, totaling 6,995,882 pieces
  • Dec 14th, TokenPocket goes live on the Rebase section.
  • Dec 18th, TokenPocket has teamed up with BSC, a Coinan smart chain, to launch a Christmas bonus campaign.
  • Dec 22th, TokenPocket has officially announced its decision to take down the IM chat feature, and users will not be able to experience the IM feature after updating the latest wallet version. The old version of IM function will expire in January 2021.
  • Dec 26th, TokenPocket was awarded “Top 100 Blockchain Companies of the Year” & “Most Trusted Wallet by Users of the Year” by Golden Finance!

Attendance Events

Dec 11th, Co-founder & CTO of TokenPocket, Da Chen, was invited as a guest on the live online broadcast of “Wealth Opportunities in ETH 2.0”.

Dec 16th, Marcus, co-founder of TokenPocket, was a special guest at “Linking the Future: BitTorrent X New Product Launch, 2020 TRON New Ecology Online Annual Conference”.

Dec 18th, Michael, Head of Business of TokenPocket was invited as a guest to participate in the live video segment titled “DeFi is Just Beginning, The Fascination of Synthetic Assets”.

TPT Market


Opening Price :0.000308 EOS

High Price :0.000311 EOS

Market Cap :$ 5.6 M

Total trading volume:246,888,796

2. ERC-20 TPT

Opening Price:0.0022 USDT

High Price:0.0026 USDT

Market Cap:160,000 USDT

Total trading volume:7,250,147

OGX Market

Opening Price:0.095 EOS

High Price:0.119 EOS

Market Cap:17,665,583.15 USDT

Total trading volume:3,714,589

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