TokenPocket Multi-Sig Wallet Beta Test Invitation

TokenPocket Multi-Sig Wallet Beta Test is coming!

TokenPocket will launch the beta version (only for Android), and invite 80 users to participate in the beta test. Users who participate in the beta test will be the first ones to experience the TokenPocket Multi-Sig Wallet. And $1,000 $TPT, 5 KeyPal Hardware Wallets, and 5 Secret Boxes will be shared during the beta test.

Who can participate?

  1. TokenPocket users;

2. Holding 50,000 $TPT(or more);

3. Holding a Meelon NFT(or more);

4. 500+ Twitter followers;

If you meet 2 or more of the above conditions, you will have a chance to participate in the beta test.

Who can share the rewards?

  1. Find out the serious bugs during the beta test.
  2. Put forward effective and implementable suggestions for the TokenPocket Multi-Sig Wallet;
  3. Cooperate with TokenPocket to promote the TokenPocket Multi-Sig Wallet;
  4. Cooperate with TokenPocket to strengthen users’ wallet safety awareness.

How to register for the beta test?

Fill out the form:

Time: Nov 15th, 10:00 AM, UTC — Nov 18th, 4:00 AM, UTC.

Attention: This beta test only supports Android. TokenPocket Official will get in touch with you via email and Telegram if you’re on the participant list. (Before Nov 19th)


1. Users who participate in the beta test of the TokenPocket Multi-Sig Wallet should ensure that they won’t share the beta test version with a third party and do not maliciously smear TokenPocket wallet products.

2. Users who participate in the beta test of the TokenPocket Multi-Sig Wallet should be aware that this wallet version is only for the beta test, which will not affect the current wallet version.

3. Users who participate in the TokenPocket Multi-Sig Wallet beta test should be aware that TokenPocket will cancel the beta test qualification for users who disturb the beta test environment and affect the normal beta test process.

4. Users’ participation in this activity is deemed to be acknowledgment and acceptance of the relevant requirements and specifications of this announcement.

5. The TokenPocket Foundation reserves the right of the final interpretation for this event.


TokenPocket多签钱包即将于2022年11月正式发布,在发布前,TokenPocket将推出公测版本(仅支持安卓端),邀请80位用户进行公测,抢先体验TokenPocket多签钱包,参与公测的用户,有机会瓜分$1000 $TPT奖励,5个KeyPal硬件钱包,5个助记词密盒。



2.持有50,000 $TPT(或以上);

3.持有一个Meelon NFT(或以上);











注意:本次公测仅支持安卓端用户。 如果您获得公测资格,TokenPocket将会在11月19日前通过邮箱/电报与您取得联系。









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