TokenPocket Now Supports The EOSDT Decentralized EOS-Based Stablecoin

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TokenPocket has partnered with the stablecoin market’s game-changing project Equilibrium, which provides a reliable decentralized framework for generating EOSDT stablecoins that are backed by cryptocurrency and pegged to the US dollar.

This project fills the gap for a scalable, up-to-date crypto-backed stablecoin solution on EOS. Equilibrium’s EOSDT stablecoin is decentralized and native to the EOS blockchain. Equilibrium adopts community governance principles and fights for stability, transparency, and safety in decentralized finance applications.

In this collaboration, TokenPocket provides a highly secure, user-friendly mobile interface letting the wallet’s users manage financial operations with the EOSDT stablecoin and the framework’s Native Utility Token (NUT). This includes generating EOSDT stablecoins, opening positions, liquidating them, and monitoring all transactions You might fairly say that Token Pocket provides mobile access to the Equilibrium framework.

TokenPocket is a feature-rich multi-chain digital wallet that includes everything necessary for interacting with the EOS blockchain. It supports the highest possible security standards for the DApps, including local storage of private keys and physical isolation of personal and financial data, processed by a three-layer encrypted algorithm. The mobile interface implements fingerprint and facial recognition features for added convenience and security.

The EOSDT stablecoin’s main feature is the collateralization of a user’s liquid digital assets. Because 1 EOSDT always equals $1 USD, users enjoy access to a highly transactable cryptocurrency free of volatility. These stability mechanisms are hard-coded into the Equilibrium’s smart contracts. EOSDT also offers a variety of applications, like hedging market risks, providing fiat-like quotes for currency pairs on crypto exchanges, and making online payments with merchants that accept cryptocurrency — all of which is now available to TokenPocket users.

This partnership aims to draw more users to EOS with innovative multi-chain wallets like TokenPocket and next-generation financial tools provided by Equilibrium.

You can generate EOSDT here to start your stablecoin journey.

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