TokenPocket officially joins IOST Partner Program, the voting countdown begins

TokenPocket officially joins IOST Partner Program. TokenPocket helps ecological development of IOST and jointly builds the future of blockchain.

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About TokenPocket

TokenPocket is a universal digital wallet that supports multi-chain and multi-currency. It combines digital asset management, trading, financial services, resource leasing, voting, permissions management, accounts management, Dapps distribution and market information. It is also feature-rich and can quickly find the services you need in different scenarios. TokenPocket is designed to simplify the complexity of blockchain for users, and serve thousands of DApp developers, making it the portal to blockchain digital worlds.

About IOST Global Partner Program

IOST Global Partner Program is looking for 1,000 plus Partners from around the world. This is the first-ever blockchain node election project with minimum requirements and no limit of the number of nodes selected. All individuals, teams, and organizations are encouraged to participate in the elections. We believe IOST Partner Program is a great practice as all members become the contributors and stakeholders of the IOST ecosystem. Together, we will drive IOST’s success and development.

Since announcing the opening of applications for the Global Partner Program, we are overwhelmed by the constant inflow of applications from institutions, communities, developer teams, exchanges, and individuals. The Zero-Barrier Voting Portal will officially open in mid-January. Stay tuned to IOST Twitter“@IOStoken” as we release IOST Voter Guide and the link of the voting portal soon!

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