TokenPocket Officially Launched ERC-20 TPT

The TokenPocket Foundation announced the launch of TPT token on ETH today, whose contract address is shown as following: 0x4161725d019690a3e0de50f6be67b07a86a9fae1. ERC-20 TPT has a total supply of 5.9 billion, with a circulating amount of 100 million and the remaining 5.8 billion is locked. (Address: 0xa12B3ea3785d9229941bde3e9A446a14A664b5bb ). Meanwhile, the 100 million TPT circulating on EOS will also be locked (Address:, which is to ensure that the circulation volume of TPT on all chains totals at a permanent value — 3.725 billion, and to avoid inflation.

TPT has already been launched on IOST and BOS in the same way, and the next chain will be TRON. After the release of ERC-20 TPT, TPT will be listed on more exchanges. Users can swap ETH to TPT on Uniswap, a decentralized exchange. TokenPocket plans to support the cloud wallet withdrawal for multi-chain TPT, meeting users’ cross-chain needs.

A special note

The TokenPocket Foundation burnt 2.175 billion TPT on October 31, 2019, after which the total supply of TPT was reduced to 3.725 billion from 5.9 billion.

About TPT

TPT refers to TokenPocket Token, an applicational token representing TP users and developers’ rights in the TP ecosystem. TPT is also an important link among the wallet, users, and developers.

TPT has developed a complete business line through the connectivity of multiple adoption scenarios and serving as a payment method and VIP certificate. At present, TPT can be used as EOS resources fee, TP VIP fee, TP ads fee, and TP Man reward. TPT is now listed on several decentralized exchanges, including NewDex and WhaleEx, as well as centralized exchanges, including BiKi and Hoo.

TPT officially launched its Buyback & Burn Program on June 1, 2019. The TokenPocket Foundation will spend 25% of its monthly revenue on the Buyback & Burn Program.

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