TokenPocket saves you from developing EOS DApps

It is so great to announce that we TokenPocket has finished the native SDK works. Which means that you don’t need to integrate any wallet in your own Apps or DApps. You don’t have to care about how to make transactions or push actions.

All in one

TokenPocket found that developers need to compatible with many open-API if they wanna be played on different wallets. This brings massive work for the developers. While we think that developers should focus on their own work, but not too many SDKs or Open-API. In order to make this problem solved.

We have done 4 things:

  • SimpleWallet
    Developed our own Open-API and improved it with most of the Wallets in China to be the standard.
  • Wallet Native SDK
    This is built for independent App, which can help EOS Developers to sign transactions, to push transactions between Apps. Developers don’t need to integrate too much EOS source code. Just focus on what they are doing. And make data on the blockchain.
  • Compatible with Scatter
    On the current stage, many developers are developing PC-Web’s Dapps based on Scatter. In order to help them move to mobile. We make TokenPocket compatible with Scatter. We believe this will release developers from massive boring jobs. Refer to pre-blog
  • kafka_plugin
    This is open-source currently. We want to make it easier for developers to analysis EOS data, do once and for all. Aim to replace the mongo_plugin.


Let’s work together toward the better direction

Contact us if you have any ideas or questions.

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