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The DICP Contract address has released and welcome to join our telegram on


Compare to the traditional internet, blockchain enjoys a lot of decentralized advantage, such as decentralized identity. In this internet era, before we use an application or game, we need to register or login through other applications, such as WeChat, Facebook, Google, GitHub, etc., and the information is not sharable.

However, in the blockchain world, we only need our private key to interact with different websites and apps. It does not matter whether you are using extensions or mobile wallet such as TokenPocket, Metamask, Scatter, etc.

If you have experienced some DApps on EOS, no matter DEX or games, I believe that you can deeply feel the convenience of decentralized identity. It has no registration and they can fetch your information from blockchain easily.

Accounts in EOS which have no more than 12 characters already have basic recognizability to meet users’ daily operations such as transfer tokens with the account name. However, there are still some problems:

No matter for DApps, browsers or wallets, only an account name is too monotonous compared with a traditional Internet account. We want to put more customized information in our account portfolios: avatar, nickname or project name, personal or project introduction and even contact information.

And it is difficult for the users to remember multiple account information. Especially when you are looking at your transaction records. You cannot distinguish all of it.

So, we got the idea of DICP (Decentralized Identity Complement Project)

DICP Introduction

DICP is a contract to store users’ basic EOS account profile, which allows the user to edit the profile of an account such as avatar, nickname, description and contact information. With this contract, browsers, wallets, DApps, and individuals can get richer identity information. Of course, this information is only as a reference, is not guaranteed to be completely real. It is more like edit your WeChat or Twitter nickname & avatar on the blockchain. You can easily change your nickname into Trump or Jack Ma, right?

At last, in order to let more users complete the information, DICP refers to some FOMO games’ rules:


  • In the initial state, anyone can edit information for an account, the initial price is 0.1 EOS.
  • The price of each secondary modification is 1.5 times of the previous one, of which 1.4 times is returned to the previous modifier, and the rest is left in the contract for a subsequent contract upgrade.
  • If an account has been modified by another account, when the account owner updates the account, he needs to pay half of the previous modification price to the previous modifier.
  • when an account is edited by the account owner, no one else can modify the information of the account. Only the account owner can modify the information and the subsequent modification is free of charge.

Who will support the DICP


  • 18th July — Data from’s `gravatarcafe` contract have merged into ``.
  • 19th July — EOSPark has upgraded their browser to support ``.Click ‘eossanguoone’ and ‘gravatarcafe’ to have a look.


1. Why DICP charges fees and the using FOMO rules? To whom do these expenses belong?

  • Fees are charged for three main reasons:

a. The initial 0.1 is to avoid spam.

b. 0.1 times of FOMO is drawn to avoid multiple accounts bidding up prices maliciously.

c. Mainly to encourage users to complete their information asap.

  • Currently, the fee will remain in the contract, and contracts will be multi-signed with a couple of project partners. The fee is planned to be used as resources for contracts upgrade and rewards to teams which subsequently contribute to the project.

2. Why do I need to fill in this information?

The starting point of the program is to enrich the decentralized identity of users, whether in wallets, blockchain browsers or Dapps, for a better experience.

Currently, EOSPark has supported this contract, which means that your edited account information will be displayed in the account page of the EOSPark’s browser, and TokenPocket will also display relevant information in various locations of the wallet. More DApps, Wallets, and browsers will use the information on this contract in the future.

3. How to prevent fraud?

This contract has no ability to guarantee any authenticity of the information. It is only used as reference information. Do not transfer tokens to any account with uncertain information! Even though he says he’s BM :p

4. Open source contracts?

The contract is completely open-source. In addition, the contract is a basic personal information contract. Developers are welcome to extend the content of the contract. The accumulated EOS in this contract can be used as a relevant reward.

Contract address:

5. I am a DApp developer, how to use this?

All information is on the chain, you can get it easily just like query users’ balance.

Meanwhile, decentralized identities don’t have to be limited within Dapps. You can even try to use it within traditional apps or websites just like a google authorization. Good luck will all attempts.

6. I don’t want anyone else changing my account profile, that’s weird.

Usually, nobody will change your avatar or nickname, because there is no benefit at all. Only a few accounts just like ‘b1’ and the public account will be part of the FOMO game. It is fun and no big deal Ii think.

Besides this, once you changed your profile, others can’t edit it anymore, and there is a flag to identify whether the info is edit by themselves or not in users table on the blockchain.

7. When and where can I start to edit my profile?

Coming soon.

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