TokenPocket officially supported Huobi ECO Chain

On Dec 21 8:00 p.m.(UTC+8), TokenPocket officially supported Huobi ECO Chain. After the version update, users can register accounts, make transactions, use DApps etc in TokenPocket wallet.

First, let’s take a look at Huobi ECO Chain (Heco). As the self-developed public chain incubated by Huobi, what unique advantages does it have compared to other public chains?

Introduction to Huobi ECO Chain

Huobi ECO Chain (Heco) is a decentralized, high-efficiency and energy-saving public chain, also the first product launched by the Huobi Open Platform. It is compatible with smart contracts and supports highperformance transactions. The endogenous token of Heco is HT and it adopts the HPoS consensus mechanism.

Heco Technical Characteristics

  • An open and decentralized network to maintain the security of the network and assets.
  • Support the programmability of EVM, the compatibility of smart contracts to reduce development or migration costs.
  • Meta-transaction function: gas fee reduction, effectively reducing the cost of developers and users on the chain.
  • Support cross-chain asset transfer to optimize users’ experience.

Economic Model

  • The endogenous token on the chain is HT; the transactions consume HT as gas fee.
  • Miners pledge HT to become validator nodes.
  • The reward of nodes is gas fee, which is distributed according to the mortgage proportion.


Assets such as BTC, ETH and stable coins can be mapped to Heco by an asset bridge. The realization method is to lock a certain amount of tokens on the original chain then generate a corresponding number of tokens on Heco.

Heco encourages developers to provide more decentralized cross-chain solution.

Meta Transaction Function

The meta-transaction function is supported, which allows users to reduce gas fees step-wise, and Heco will cover the payment of the reduced part.

Four Stages of Heco

01 Tinder(2020 Q4–2021 Q1)

The initial version of Heco. The system is stable and easy to use. Developers can develop and promote Dapp at low cost. Users can participate in Dapp on Heco with a low threshold.

02 Spark (2021 Q3)

The protocol is further optimized. Heco will take the mission of connecting CeFi and DeFi, allowing more users to use DeFi applications at a low threshold.

03 Flame(2022 Q2)

Enable Layer2 technology. Expand performance while retaining the decentralized advantages of distributed protocols.

04 Blaze(2023 Q1)

Landing of large-scale commercial applications. Support a variety of traditional businesses to run smoothly on the chain

How to use Heco by TokenPocket wallet

  • Create Heco Wallet

【I don’t have wallet】-【HECO】-【Create Wallet】

  • Make transactions on Heco

Support a variety of ways to make transactions, and more advanced functions to send data onchain.

  • Experience Heco DApp

We’ll list more dapps on the Discover page, stay tuned.

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