TokenPocket Tutorials | All You Need to Know About the TRON Wallet

Hi guys and welcome to another beautiful day, after several questions and constant repetition of the same information, the team behind TokenPocket wallet saw the need to create a concise explanation of the various features available on the Tron wallet section of TokenPocket.

So, today we will be making a post that gives direct video links to each of the tutorials which will enable one master the Tron wallet section of TokenPocket wallet.

What is TokenPocket?

TokenPocket is a noncustodial multi-chain wallet that allows users to easily manage their crypto assets on the go, it also offers a DApp browser that links your crypto wallet to the blockchain.

Download TokenPocket wallet here, available for IOS, Android, and PC.

Tutorials are made to easily accommodate a total newbie to the Tron Blockchain and also for the pro who probably forgot a particular section and needs a form of reminder.

1. How to create a Tron wallet

Account creation is quite easy but someone without any formal understanding of cryptocurrency might find this a little hard and hence the need for such tutorial.

2. How to collect asset on Tron wallet

While TokenPocket is a multi-chain wallet, it also allows users to create more than one particular crypto wallet on the go but when this becomes too many it might be a problem, this feature allows users to easily move their assets from multiple accounts to a single one.

3. How to stake BTT on Dlive

A few months back Tron created an airdrop program which would go on for months to come, every month a certain amount of BTT is distributed to all Tron holders, staking is a means to generate more rewards from this airdrop without exchanging the token for another.

4. How to use watch mode on Tron wallet

Do you have a cooperative account on the Tron Blockchain or probably want to keep track of a certain wallet then this is for you.

5. How to import Tron account with Private key

Earlier we mentioned TokenPocket was a noncustodial wallet, what this means is that account created is done via private keys or mnemonic phrase word and as such, TokenPocket don’t have access to your account or backup to any of your data it is all stored within the private key and users can easily import if for any reason their device was formatted.

6. How to use whitelist on Tron wallet

The Blockchain is built on trust and agreement and most times it becomes troublesome having to fill the same password over and over in order to complete a transaction, the whitelist feature saves you time to input this password repeatedly.

7. How to buy/sell TRX

The goal still remains mass adoption and to this end, different processes are been built to allow users not familiar with exchange and others to easily purchase cryptocurrency.

8. How to get bandwidth on Tron

Ever found yourself in a situation unable to complete a transaction or sign in? Then bandwidth might be the cause of this, with this you can easily get bandwidth the easy way.

9. How to vote on Tron nodes

This is probably one of my best feature on the Tron Blockchain, a means to earn passive income without trading or checking your account daily, just vote and let the reward come in.

10. How to trade Tron based tokens

The Tron Blockchain houses different tokens with different types of use-case, this allows you to trade the tokens the easy way.

11. How to backup my wallet

All said and done, it all comes down to security, a means to ensure our wallet don’t get lost or mistaken deleted from our devices, backup allows you to store your private key offline the easy way.

This is all for now, if you have a request on which tutorial to see next then please leave a comment below and we will be sure to look into it.

Until some other time, stay safe and mask-on.

Video credit to TokenPocket, subscribe to us on Youtube.



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