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Written by Oteme Eghele

Hi guys and welcome to another day in the crypto world, with BTC gradually climbing above expectation price as it prepares for its halving in a few days’ time, alt-coins are not far as well, with some experiencing good price hike and others not so much.

While we celebrate the Bitcoin halving, let’s quickly look into the new update that came with TokenPocket v0.9.8.

Before now, we had several recommendations from our users about the need to adjust gas fee when making transactions on the Ethereum Blockchain, and also the need to add text and hex data, happy to inform you that the team took this into consideration and version 0.9.8 offers exactly this.

So if you are yet to update your app, quickly go to the App Store or Play store, search for TokenPocket and click on that update icon today, but if you prefer downloading the file entirely, you can do so from, select your preferred device and click on download.

Steps to customize your gas fee and add Hex/Text Data

  • Update TokenPocket to the latest version via any of the means described above
  • Launch TokenPocket app from your mobile device
  • Create or import an Ethereum account to TokenPocket via the different means available, that is if you are yet to
  • From asset page, tap on Send > Transfer > Advanced > Advanced

Things to note concerning the gas fee

I know no one likes gas fee and all that, if we had our ways, we would ignore this step and since the option to edit gas fee is readily available now, many might be tempted to reduce the gas fee to the least minimum but doing so might create a little delay when making transactions.

The gas fee decides how fast your transaction will be processed and from the screenshot above, there is always a recommended gas fee put in place that is not too high and not too low just recommended, when you edit this, your transaction speeds become fast or slow depending on the location you adjusted this to.

For future preferences, if you don’t fully understand the working principles behind gas fee, my advice would be to leave it untouched and carry out your activity

Chain Data

Are you familiar with the process of sending EOS?

When making transactions from an EOS account to exchange, in most cases users are required to input a memo which makes the transaction easily identified, this is not relevant when sending EOS to another EOS based account but also relevant if for any reason you want to keep a transaction open and easily remembered, just as you would when making payment in a bank, the memo helps you take records of what you paid for and the Blockchain been the way it is immutable, such details cannot be edited.

The chain data offers this feature, Ethereum users can create a text write-up or Hex depending on their preference when making a transaction and this is easily shown from the receivers end upon receiving the Ethereum coin. Just like the EOS coin, this is not relevant and can always be ignored at all times unless specifically asked for.

Start your journey of discovery

  1. Download TokenPocket from App Store or Google Play
  2. Go to [Discover] > [TPExchange]

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