🚀TokenPocket Year in Review — 2021

4 min readJan 7, 2022


Basic Data

TokenPocket wallet has 1 million daily active users and 3.5 million monthly active users, a nearly 4 times increase from last year.

The number of wallet activation in the year was more than 1.42 billion, and the average number of wallet activation per user per day reached 8.49

Cumulative downloads exceeded 30 million

TokenPocket covers more than 200 countries and regions, with users in the United States, the Philippines, South Korea, Nigeria, and Russia accounting for the top

Public Chain Data

Add public chains including Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, Fantom, Klaytn, Arbitrum, Optimistic, xDai, subgame, and HSC.

Top 5 public chains with the most active users: BSC, ETH, Tron, Polygon, and Solana.

Cumulative addresses exceeded 60 million

New Wallet Features

Add DeFi asset data viewing function, which allows users to track their DeFi investments easily

Support custom adding EVM chains and one-click adding chain services

Support EVM series to accelerate/cancel transactions

Support NFT display

WalletConnect supports ethSignTypedData_v4

Maintain an average update speed of once every two weeks, and iterate 27 versions in total

Ecosystem Progress

Incubate the cross-chain swap aggregator platform Transit, which integrates decentralized swap, aggregate transactions, and one-stop cross-chain trade. Users can complete decentralized real-time transactions and swap hundreds of digital assets on different chains supported by TokenPocket.

TP fans(fans.tokenpocket.pro) launched. As a bridge between TokenPocket and users, TP fans integrates TokenPocket’s official statement, latest developments, discussion halls, and proposal launches.

Assist TokenPocket Foundation to initiate TPT DAO. The DAO vault aims to empower the TokenPocket ecosystem. The use of each fund will be fully discussed and publicized in the TP forum, then the TokenPocket Foundation will initiate a proposal which only is implemented after all TPT holders vote and approve it.

Released the first hardware wallet serving the blockchain field-KeyPal. KeyPal is a multi-chain, multi-authenticated, multi-directional hardware wallet that allows users to protect their digital assets, and it is developed by TokenPocket based on open-source project.

Transit, its cross-chain aggregation swap platform, issued the first batch of NFT-Meelon. Meelon is the chameleon of the blockchain world. The function profiles of each Meelon make its complete rarity. Each Meelon NFT is programmatically and randomly generated from more than 20 attributes with different probabilities.

TokenPocket has announced buyout of digital asset platform dfox, and launched the chrome extension wallet: dfox. Dfox is an extension to connect to the blockchain world. You can easily use Dapp, DeFi, GameFi, and crypto assets by simply adding dfox to the Chrome browser.

So far, the trinity of TokenPocket mobile wallet, chrome extension wallet and hardware wallet has been formally formed. With the cross-chain aggregation swap platform Transit and NFT Marketplace, it has become an important entrance to the blockchain world, providing users with a perfect encryption experience.

Community and Social Medias

There are Chinese, English, Korean, Spanish, Turkish, and other 18 language user communities, the total number of communities exceeds 200,000.

The number of Twitter followers has reached 90,000, a year-on-year increase of 500%

66 TP man from 26 countries adheres to the road of blockchain promotion by means of content delivery and community services.

Accumulatively output exceeds 40 TP Courses, covering security knowledge, NFT, DAO, Layer2, hardware wallet, etc., and the cumulative views are over 500,000

Released more than 50 TokenPocket tutorials, which cumulative reading exceeds 700,000.

Outlook for 2022

Our native aggregator will support more high-quality NFTs, build innovative aggregation of NFT trading platforms, and optimize multi-chain synthetic assets and transactions.

Introduce an open Web 3 social protocol to provide crypto enthusiasts with a free and interesting on-chain Twitter.

Explore and support more potential public chains and ecosystems, such as NEAR, WAX, Nervos, more Layer 2, etc.

Embrace Metaverse, NFT, Web 3, Social-Fi and help the application of blockchain technology in more fields.

Conclusion: 2021 is the year when NFT and Gamefi applications are trending and explode globally. Wallets are also the most important portal to the blockchain world, and TokenPocket will stick to the original aspiration of “Make Blockchain Happen Everywhere” and provide users with better quality products and services.




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