TokenPocketWednesday | TokenPocket × Melody, Let’s share $1,500 worth of prize pool

3 min readNov 23, 2022


# TokenPocketWednesday

TokenPocket × Melody

Using TokenPocket to join “The Best Voice” on Melody share $1,500 worth of prize pool

500$ worth of $SGS + 7 Melody Genesis Microphone NFTs + 3 Melody Genesis Blind Boxes to the voters

300 USDT for users who upload music and get 50 votes

Click here to join:


  1. Download TokenPocket Wallet and click “Discovery”.
    Download TokenPocket:

2. Enter the URL of Melody and connect TokenPocket Wallet.
Melody URL:

3. Download the Melody APP and Click “ The Best Voice” banner or the “Voice” volume.

4. Choose one of the works in the Popularity Chart. You can choose the one you like to vote for or reward it.

5. If you want to join “The Best Voice” event, you can click “Join Now ” and “+” to upload your work. Users who upload work and get 50 votes are eligible to get 100 USDT.

Rules of uploading music to “The Best Voice”


  1. The wallet address you submitted must be the TokenPocket Wallet address and also has been imported into Melody.

2. Participants who share with more people have more chances to win prizes.

3. We will randomly pick 3 users who upload music and get 50 votes.

About TokenPocket

TokenPocket is the world’s leading multi-chain self-custodial wallet, which supports mainstream public chains including BTC, ETH, BSC, TRON, Polygon, Solana, HECO, Klaytn, Avalanche, OKC, HSC, Fantom, Polkadot, Kusama, etc. The trinity of TokenPocket mobile wallet, chrome extension wallet, and hardware wallet has been formally formed. The Secret Recovery Phrase and Private Key are stored in the user’s own device and the user can fully control his own crypto assets. TokenPocket has provided reliable services for over 20 million users around the world. The number of monthly active users exceeds 3.5 million and the users are located in more than 200 countries around the world.





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About Melody

Melody is a Web3.0 project bearing a long-term development plan, enabling public and perpetual storage with the help of blockchain. Music and sound can be recorded on the blockchain with copyright cert, and everlasting copyright revenue. Melody aims to have music penetrate life to lower the threshold for users entering Web3.0 and create an aggregated Web3.0 traffic pool where to share ideas for project investment and research, earn from Livestream, pour out unpleasantness, roast the bear market, learn more about cryptocurrencies, broaden your connections in the crypto world, and sing to earn and have fun. Making 3.0 communication easier and more efficient, that’s Web3.0 casual social, where easy and joyful moments are created by you!


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