Top 3 Must-read Security Tips for TokenPocket Users

It’s very important for all crypto users and investors to keep their crypto assets safe!

And there is no doubt that crypto security is one of the most important impacts of holding and investing cryptocurrency in the crypto wallet!

We will guide you to know more about the top 3 must-read security tips about using the crypto wallet like TokenPocket.

1. Never share your Secret Recovery Phrase and Private Key!

When creating the wallet, you are reminded to make a backup, and it will only be stored on your device. The secret recovery phrase and private key are the only proof to restore the wallet and control the assets.

If the scammers and hackers hold your secret recovery phrase and private key, they can directly access your wallet and transfer your assets without your permission.

Attention, the scammers and hackers might contact you via Telegram DM, Discord DM, Twitter DM, or email, or phone messages, etc. They always claim they are the admin from TokenPocket or other crypto project or just a big fan of crypto, offering to help you to solve the issues that you have currently and ask you for the secret recovery phrase and private key to “verify” your wallet.

In this case, they are 100% scammers or hackers!

(DM means to send you a private message. TokenPocket admins will never DM you!)

Please always keep in mind that never share your secret recovery phrase and private key!

The best way to store your secret recovery phrase and private key

  • Back up by writing down it on the paper and you need to check it repeatedly to make sure all the phrases are correct.
  • Store it in a safe place that nobody knows.
  • Store it with the help of KeyPal or Secret Recovery Phrase Box.

Don’t-Do List

  • Don’t share your Secret Recovery Phrase and Private Key with anyone!
  • Don’t store your Secret Recovery Phrase and Private Key online!

TokenPocket admin will never DM or email you asking you for your secret recovery phrase or private key!

2. Be careful when you execute the “Transfer” operation!

“Transfer” is a common function of a crypto wallet. We always need to send assets by transfer. By watching the video, you can know three basic elements of “Transfer”, like “Gas Fee”, “Transfer Network” and ‘’Address“.

Please kindly know that protecting your assets is your responsibility, and you need to strengthen your wallet security awareness.

Must-do List before you transfer

  • Check the receiving address, and make sure it’s the correct address you need to transfer.
  • Check the transfer network, only transfer on the same public chain.
  • Check your wallet balance, and make sure you have sufficient balance to pay the gas fee.

Don’t-Do List

  • Don’t transfer to the contract address.
  • Don’t transfer between the different public chains.
  • Don’t transfer to the unknown wallet address.

TokenPocket is a self-custodial wallet, the users’ assets are only controlled by themselves. Thus, all operations need to be taken by users themselves. Tokenpocket cannot help users to complete any operations.

3. Avoid approving the risky third-party website!

What is Approve? Why does Approve appear? Do I need to Approve? What will happen if I Approve?

To answer these questions, this video will focus on Approve!

Approve is to allow the third party to control your assets without your permission, which means they can transfer all your assets away without your permission. So it is very dangerous to approve. Please be more careful when you execute the “Approve” operation! Be sure to determine whether the code is verified and open-sourced, whether it has a code audit, whether the team is trustworthy, etc.!

Ordinary, the scammers and hackers will DM you via Telegram, Twitter, Discord, or other social media. Most of them will share the links and ask you to open the link to approve or join their high-yield projects.

According to our survey, there are many approve scams that happen on TRON. The scammers and hackers will advise you to participate in their staking activities to earn TRX. For example, they will introduce the high-yield project to you and ask you to stake your TRX and a few days later, you can get high rebates. In addition, many scammers and hackers will unilaterally declare that they have cooperated with TokenPocket and claim that “we” are holding a TRX airdrop activity.

In these cases, they are 100% scammers and hackers!

Attention, all the projects that claim to be high-yield projects are scams! If your assets are approved to be transferred by others, the assets cannot be retrieved and the crypto wallets have nothing to do with this situation. Most importantly, the links you can open in TokenPocket do not mean that they are safe. The search bar on the top of TokenPocket’s “Discover” page is as same as the browser, just like you search items on Google.

Don’t-Do List

  • Don’t play DApps from unknown sources.
  • Don’t play DApps have no open-sourced.
  • Don’t play DApps have no audit reports and are not from trustable teams.
  • Don’t trust any projects that claim to be high-yield projects.
  • Don’t open the third-party links and “Approve” randomly.

Don’t approve randomly!

Download TokenPocket and securely store your cryptocurrency from now on.

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Crypto&DeFi Wallet on BTC, ETH, BSC, HECO, TRON, Polkadot, Kusama, Klaytn, HSC, EOS, etc. APP download link:

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