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TokenPocket customer service staff receive questions from hundreds of users every day. The main issues of users is that they do not have a clear understanding of the blockchain and the basic concepts of blockchain wallets. Therefore, we recommend that you read some related books before to get familiar with blockchain technology, like the popular blockchain education book for wallet users “Blockchain Wallet From Rookie to Master” published by TokenPocket.

In order to help the newbies understand the wallet better, we have sorted out the top ten most frequently asked questions from thousands of questions. I hope you can understand the wallet better after reading this article. There is an anti-fraud guide at the end of the article, plz stay vigilant and beware of scammers.

Q1. My private key/mnemonic phrase is lost. Can TokenPocket get it back for me?

No, TokenPocket does not save the user’s private key and mnemonic phrases. If you have not backed up your private key and delete the TokenPocket APP, your private key will be lost forever.

Please don’t believe anyone who says they can help you retrieve your private key/mnemonic phrase back, they are all scammers.

Q2. I lost my password, can TokenPocket help me get it back?

No, TokenPocket does not save user’s wallet password. If you forget the password, you can operate according to the following methods:

1.We recommended you to use the built-in [reset password] function of the wallet. You only need to fill in the correct mnemonic phrase or private key to reset the password.

2. If you have not backed up your private key/mnemonic phrase, be sure not to delete the wallet. You can try by changing the password to see if you can recall the original one.

Please don’t believe in anyone who says they can help you retrieve your password, they are all scammers.

3. I found that there is a transfer in my wallet that was not made by myself. What should I do?

There are two possibilities for this to happen. The first is that you have leaked your private key or mnemonic phrase and your assets have been stolen by others; The second is that when you use a certain DApp, you accidentally authorize the transfer permission to the DApp contract, resulting in the DApp having the right to transfer your assets.

If you encounter the above situation, please create a new wallet immediately and transfer the assets to a safe wallet address;

If you are using an ETH account, you can check this tutorial “How to manage Ethereum Contract Interactive Authorization (ETH)》”to check the permissions of your account. If you do authorize to a DApp, first, you can log in to the dapp and cancel the authorization when you operate again. Second, you can contact the DApp project team to let them return your assets.

4. I made a transfer operation and filled in the wrong address, what should I do? Can the TokenPocket wallet cancel this transfer operation for me?

TokenPocket cannot revoke onchain operations. All operations on the chain are irreversible, so please check carefully every operation. If you encounter the following situations, you can proceed according to the guidelines:

The first type: If you transfered to the contract address of a certain token, you can contact the project team of the corresponding token, and ask the contract holder to help retrieve it.

The second type: if the currency is transferred to the wrong address, you can try to contact the owner of the wrong address by sending a message and discuss with them whether the token can be returned.

5. I transferred my tokens to the exchange address, what should I don’t receive it in my exchange account?

The first step is to find the hash of the transfer in the transfer record of the wallet, click on the blockchain browser to check whether you have received it, and check whether you entered correct address and memo. If it shows you’ve received it from blockchain browser, you can contact the customer service of the exchange to ask them to verify it. If you haven’t received it because you did not fill in the memo, you also need to contact the exchange customer service for help.

6. I have withdrew tokens from the exchange to my wallet, what should i do if i don’t receive it?

The first step is to copy the hash of the exchange’s withdrawal order to check whether the block has been confirmed on the blockchain browser.

In the second step, if you confirm that the block has confirmed, you can manually add the token information in the wallet [Asset] list to see it. If the block has not confirmed yet, please wait patiently.

7. I have received a type of token, but the TokenPocket wallet does not show it, what should I do?

1. On the wallet [Assets] page, click the plus sign on the right, enter the token name/contract address to add the token to the wallet asset list;

2. If the token is not found by searching the token name/contract address, it means that the token is not included in the TP wallet. You can choose to go to the TP official website ( and submit the project in [Token Submission], or contact TP Wallet customer service for inclusion.

8. Someone in the Telegram group or WeChat group took the initiative to add me as a friend, and chatted with me privately, asked me to transfer tokens to him, or asked me to fill in the private key or mnemonic in a form, what should i do?

100% are scammers. TokenPocket administrators will not take the initiative to chat with users privately, will not charge you fees, and will not require users’ private keys nor mnemonic phrases. Nor will we let users participate in risky investments.

9. My ETH/BTC transfer is always in process, what should I do?

The speed of transfer is determined by the gas fee, and the miners prioritizes the packing of transactions with high gas fee. At present, because there are many transactions waiting to be packed, so your transfer has been waiting. You need to wait patiently or use the acceleration function to process.

ETH transfer pending can be solved in two ways:

The first one is to use the transaction acceleration function of the TokenPocket wallet to increase the gas fee of pending orders to achieve the purpose of acceleration.Tutorials:Transaction Pending Forever? Here is How You Make it Successful Faster!

The second one is to select [Overwrite the earliest and unpacked transaction] and initiate a new transfer to replace the original pending order. At this time, the nonce of the new and old orders is the same. ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍

When the BTC transfer is always in the process of packing, a third-party acceleration service is needed to assist. On the asset homepage, TP Wallet is equipped with a tool entry of [BTC Acc], which is convenient for users to use.

10. I made a swap ordor, but i haven’t been able to receive the tokens, what should i do?

1. Click on the bottom of the order [I have questions about the order] to contact our customer service;

2. Contact the customer service of TP Wallet and provide the order ID. We will assist you to solve the issue.

Announcement | Beware of phishing scams

According to community user’s feedback, a number of scammers impersonating the official TokenPocket team in Telegram groups and other communities recently, trying to defraud community users. In order to prevent users from being deceived and causing financial losses, TokenPocket hereby releases this announcement to remind users to be aware.

Please make sure that you follow the following suggestions, :

1. The TokenPocket admin will not take the initiative to DM users, unless the user asks the admin for help;

2. The TokenPocket admin will not charge users for any thing or ask users to transfer money to any account;

3. The TokenPocket admin will not ask users for their private key, mnemonic phrase, or password of the wallet;

4. Please take note of the official domain name:, other websites are phishing websites, please do not provide any information to those websites;

5. If you have any questions, please look for the official customer service. Our WeChat customer service is TP-zhushou and our official email is Telegram users please identify the admin with the admin list in our official announcement.

We reemphasize it here: please do not provide your private key, mnemonic phrase and password to any fraudster impersonating TokenPocket admins, or transfer money to any address provided by the fraudsters. If you encounter suspicious users and websites, please contact to report

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