TP Courses 36 — General DAO Utility Tools


Decentralized management public chain. Aragon allows third parties to create and manage their own decentralized autonomous organizations.


Off-chain voting platform to facilitate token-based governance, currently TPT DAO is using Snapshot to engage the community vote

Gnosis Safe

Multi-sign wallet tool for businesses and individuals, it often used to manage community finances. Multistep transactions can be packaged into a single transaction, reducing GAS costs and time


Forum. It is often used to discuss governance proposals.


Community bots, which connect to Telegram and Discord on the Ethereum wallet, set barriers to entry for specific community chat channels and send small airdrops to the community. Leaderboards track and record who has contributed the most to the chat group, token ownership is an important condition for joining the community, and bots can identify members who have sold tokens and remove them.


A coordinated game was played to determine which contributors should receive token rewards. Distribute rewards through DAO instead of a central agency. Coodinape allows members of a working group to decide on their own how to allocate rewards to their peers at the end of a specific work period.


Financial management, easy payment and tracking transactions. Based on ETH or ERC-20 standard token.


SourceCred helps organizations measure the contribution of each contributor and reward them accordingly. Dual token model, where CRED is used to calculate contribution and is not transferable; Grain has value as a token and can be traded in the market. Make the contribution of each contributor within the community quantifiable. Achieve the ultimate goal of distribution according to work.


Wallet address-based content creation tools. Mirror uses the Arweave data storage protocol to store user content and ENS domain names to provide domain ownership to authors. Similar to Medium, it helps creators crowdfund by offering them a token offering.


Governance Dashboard tools that empower users with governance through voting panels, governance tools, real-time research and analysis, and evergreen Wikis. However, gas Fee is required to invoke the contract.


A governance center managed by Token holders, it often used to authorize key decisions.


Create and track on-chain governance authorization.


Rewards can be verified either automatically or by DAO members (Gitcoin, Coinvise) who have rewards for completing certain on-chain tasks.



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