TP Courses 38— How Does DAO Affect DeFi?

2 min readDec 23, 2021


Take DAOs of five well-known DeFi as an example

Uniswap DAO:

UNI holders influence decisions on Uniswap protocol development or adjustments, such as fees for certain transaction pairs. Any UNI holder can submit modifications or introduce new proposals in three phases:

  • Introduce the first phase of the proposal, ‘Temperature Check’, which requires 25,000 UNI’s approval
  • The second stage, Consensus Check, which discusses the core and benefits of the proposal, requires 50,000 UNI endorsements.
  • Submission of phase 3 audited code “Governance Proposal” requires 40000000UNI approval.


MakerDAO is governed by MKR holders, who can increase or decrease the type of collateral (e.g. UNI-ETH LP Token), increase or decrease the type of vault, and adjust vault specific parameters or global parameters.


The Compound DAO can affect Compound pledges, interest rate models, parameters, weights, time lock execution delays, authorization, emergency features, and more. Proposer addresses must reach 65000COMP to be eligible to open the ballot.


Curve DAO determines the daily share of CRV awards and operational parameters such as transaction fees and mining pools.

Only DAO members with a voting weight of 2500veCRV or more can submit proposals, which must be drafted into the community forum before they can be submitted for on-chain voting.


The TPT DAO Vault was established by the TokenPocket foundation to fund TokenPocket ecological development. The DAO Treasury exists to enable TP ecology. The use of each fund will be fully discussed and publicized in TokenPocket forum, and the TokenPocket Foundation will initiate a proposal, which will be implemented after voting by all TPT holders.

xTPT can be generated by staking TPT, and a proposal can be initiated only after holding 10 million xTPT. The proposal shall be voted by all xTPT holders, and 1xTPT represents 1 vote. Within the specified voting time, if more votes are cast in favor of the proposal than against it, the proposal shall be passed and enter the implementation stage.




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