TP Man | TokenPocket global ambassador program is LIVE!

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Dear community users:

Lots of admiration and encouragement comes from the community since the first version of TokenPocket was launched. Each time we got praise is as exciting as the first time we get recognition by the community, thus we have more incentive to build better communities.

TokenPocket has grown from a nobody to the largest EOS wallet with 30K DAU and 530K registered users. These great achievements are based on users’ support.

Today, we decided to launch the “TP man” program, the goal is to find a group of community KOL who recognize TP value and have an active influence on promoting TokenPocket.

*Please submit your application on

TP Man Reward

  • Bonus (Which is linked to TP’s public income)
  • An exclusive logo inside the wallet
  • Interview for TP Man (shown on the wallet)
  • Local salon invitation
  • Priority for the candies
  • Coming soon…

TP Man Missions

  • Answer questions from the community
  • Join the beta and provide feedback
  • Output advertorials/tutorials/video
  • Developing new users
  • Native language translation
  • Public relations maintenance
  • Create and maintain the community

Application Conditions

  • A blockchain enthusiast
  • Recognize the TP value
  • Have community influence

No matter who/where you are, there are no restrictions on the city, age, gender and occupation. Finally, we will choose 10 people as the TP Man from worldwide.

Activity Process

  • Registration Time: July 15th — July 23rd
  • Qualifier List: Release before July 30
  • Community Voting: August 1st — August 7th

The First term for TP Man is from August 15th — November 15th and each term is three months.

Start your journey of discovery

  1. Download TokenPocket from App Store or Google Play
  2. Go to [Discover] > [DApps]

Follow TokenPocket


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