TPCourses 25 — The features of NFT

Non-Fungible Token has many features, so we have listed as following to deeply understand it:


Each NFT work has a unique identifier and this identification information is permanent and cannot be changed.

Developers can set a maximum number of smart contracts when deploying them, which cannot be arbitrarily increased indefinitely to maintain its scarcity.

A smart contract is essentially a piece of programmable code, and programmability gives more creativity. Taking blockchain NFT game props as an example, interesting features such as casting, staking, upgrading, decomposition and synthesis, splitting, etc. can be set, making more room for expansion and imagination.

NFT works must maintain their integrity, FT (Fungilble Token) can be divided into smaller units (e.g. 0.01BTC), while NFT can only exist as a whole.

NFT works are transferable and publicly traceable, reducing the possibility of underhanded manipulation.

Blockchain technology ensures ownership of NFTs, while programmability allows royalty rules to operate in code, safeguarding both the creator and those who own them.

The open & traceable blockchain plus the unique & tamper-proof NFT make it highly resistant to counterfeiting.

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