TPCourses30 — About NFT and Celebrities

The well-known rapper Eminem released his NFT works including Open Editions card, Marshall Masterpiece card, SHADYCON, and 2 video works at Nifty Gateway on April.

Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg collaborated with the author of Nyan Cat, Chris Torres, to release the NFT collection.

Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden sold NFT works for $5.5 million to directly support his non-profit foundation Freedom of the Press to fund and protect freedom of speech worldwide.

Ian Joseph Somerhalder
The leading actor of The Vampire Diaries collaborated with TOAKU to issue NFT works on BakerySwap.

Christian Fuchs
The former Leicester City player Christian Fuchs launched the world’s first Carbon Neutral NFT, which is for celebrating Christian’s career.

Gianluigi Buffon
Italian football player Gianluigi Buffon released an NFT of the key moments in his career on the NFT sports platform SportsIcon on June.

Rob Gronkowski
NFL star player Rob Gronkowski launched an NFT series of five different trading cards to commemorate the four Super Bowl championships he won.

Maye Musk
Maye Musk, Elon Musk’s mother, issued a personal NFT through BakerySwap on June 24th.

Cristiano Ronaldo
The well-known football star Ronaldo won the first blockchain scoring trophy in the European Cup and was recorded on the AntChain. (AntChain and UEFA signed a five-year agreement to explore the use of blockchain and other technologies to accelerate the digital transformation of the football industry)

LeBron James
Nifty’ announced that it will launch a social NFT platform and cooperate with Warner Bros to launch an NFT movie starring LeBron James, a well-known NBA star.

Miami Heat
The Miami Heat auctioned off the “15 Strong” series of NFTs on July 15 to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the 2006 NBA championship in Miami. On the night of June 20th, 2006, the Miami HEAT captured the first NBA Championship in its 18-year history — a 4–2 victory over the Dallas Mavericks, brought to fruition by a band of castoffs, misfits, and budding stars better known as “15 STRONG”.

All in all, there are still many unlisted celebrities that participated in the production and issuance of NFT works.

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