TPCouses29 — Differentiate High-quality NFT Projects

Check official website information
The official website of the project is the first impression for users to understand the project. If you want to occupy more shares and obtain more opportunities in the increasingly competitive market, a quality official website will be the first step to display most of the important information, and the current NFT project interaction is mainly done on the official website, so users do not need to download the APP.

White paper information
The white paper is the official report of the blockchain project to show the technical strength, business model, team capabilities, and development prospects. So, it is also a project business plan. As we all know, the first blockchain white paper was “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” published by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Team members
Anonymous or public, project experience, team background, etc.

Decentralized degree
The more decentralized the project, the more in line with the spirit of the blockchain, the lower the feasibility of the project party to scam.

Join the community
The project party generally has communities. Joining the community to feel the activity of the project and communicating with official personnel are one of the better ways to understand the project.

Follow others’ reviews
High-quality projects will get the attention of many KOLs of Twitter and Youtube, and the evaluation of professionals has a certain reference.

Analyze data on the chain
Data such as transaction volume, number of transactions, daily active users, monthly active users, and other data can be used to deeply analyze the operation of the project.

Understand usage scenarios
The current main usage scenarios include collectibles, game tools, electronic ticketing, artwork, UI “skins”, etc. You need to be vigilant and prudent if an NFT project does not have any usage scenarios.

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