TPools | Mining on TokenPocket and Get Double Income

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TPools, a new generation of Staking decentralized mining pool launched by TokenPocket. Compared with traditional mining pools, TPools features in 「Dual Income」,「 Zero Risks」, and n「No Transfer」.

How to participate?

Users can join the TPools on TokenPocket, once you tap the 「Buy Now」button, that means you are going to buy REX with EOS, and vote to our proxy node.

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  • REX income: name bids, ram fees, and resource lease income.
  • BP income: voting reward + producing block reward.
  • REX is a system contract deployed on eosio.rex.
  • After selling REX you will get EOS back or more.
  • Your tokens remain within your account.
  • You still full control of your EOS tokens.

Double Income Campaign

From July 22 — August 16, users who invest in TPools and not going to withdraw or invest in other pools during the event can join this event.

Users who meet the requirements will be sorted according to the time sequence of investment in the mining pool, and 10 users in total, including the 8th, 88th, 188, 288, 388, 488, 588, 688, 788 and 888, will be given double income reward.

  • The reward for an account is no more than 20 EOS.
  • The reward will be distributed within 3 working days after the event.
  • Each account can only participate once.
  • Reward : double income = original income X 2

Start your journey of discovery

  1. Download TokenPocket on
  2. Go to [Discover] > [DApps]


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