TPT Community Annoucement

According to the strategy adjustment of the TokenPocket Foundation, buyback and burn will be stopped from 2021, while the use cases of TPT will be promoted in user rights, DeFi, and multi-chain roles.

TPT itself does not have investment value. It is the only token in the TokenPocket ecosystem. It can currently be used in the TP ecosystem to pay for listing, discounts on advertising fees, and membership rights. With the further improvement of the TP platform and TP ecology, TPT holders will enjoy more rights.

After nearly three years of development, the TokenPocket wallet has accumulated tens of millions of users and nearly a million monthly active users. 2021 has come head on. In the new year, we will continue to move forward. TP will further focus on DeFi, link multiple platforms, and aggregate multiple Chains, to create a new generation of DeFi swap aggregator, to provide users with a more efficient and simple asset exchange platform. The new version is planned to be launched in the Q1 of 2021. With the launch of aggregated swap platform, TPT will be the only token and get more use cases, holders will enjoy multiple rights and interests such as governance and fee discounts.



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