Version Update (Oct. 30, 2020) | TP Wallet iOS Supports DApp Floating Window

App version details

Android(APK): 1.1.2

iOS pro/+/++ 3.1.2(63) plus 3.1.3(63)

Main Updates

  1. Binance Smart Chain WalletConnect supported
  2. Currency unit optimized
  3. TRON DAppFeeLimit prompt
  4. Ethereum transaction status optimized
  5. DApp floating window supported on iOS

How to update

Android: Update in-app;download APK in; get in Google Play

iOS: Download the TestFlight version in; get in App Store.

What’s New

  1. Binance Smart Chain WalletConnect supported. We need to address it here that what is supported is the ChainID of the smart chain. DApps are unable to identify it, since they don’t support it yet.

Some wallets provide the ChainID of ETH, and DApps identify the ChainID of ETH. The balance cannot be shown while the normal operation is not able to be conducted even if it’s connected.

2. Currency unit display optimized and supported multiple currencies.

3. TRON DAppFeeLimit supported. Tap on [About Fee Limit] to learn more.

4. Ethereum trading order status optimized. For example, [Approving] status optimized when pending orders are replaced by successful orders.

5. TP Wallet on iOS supports DApp floating window, which will be demonstrated when iOS Testflight version is updated.

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