Warning About Airdrop Scam of Fake BTT Official Website

Recently, we have received many feedbacks from users in the TP community, claiming that some scammers are promoting BTT official airdrop activities in other communities, and users will lose USDT token after approving to receive the airdrop.
Due to this BTT airdrop scam, we performed a simulated execution operation by a QR code activity interface used to deceive people to view the approval process, which was summarized as the following.

Well-organized and deceptive
Scammers will make a poster with an attractive title, like “Share 10 Billion BTT Airdrop”, and detailed activity rules. There is also the QR code at the bottom.

Simulate “Approve” Execution
After scanning the QR code, users will get a link to a fake domain name and will see the claim interface after clicking the link. And then the wallet address will be automatically obtained. When you continue to click on the airdrop rewards receiving, the eye-catching “Approve” interface will pop up, which is a typical “Approve” scam.

After the approval execution is completed, the scammer obtains the permission of USDT transfer and then transfers your assets rapidly.

TokenPocket hereby issues a security warning that users must be beware of fake airdrop websites, phishing websites, phishing apps, and various fraudulent methods, enhance asset security awareness to avoid assets loss.

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