Ways to Get IQ Token in TokenPocket

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According to the latest news, Binance has listed IQ (Everipedia) and open trading pairs on June 18, 2020.

What’s Everipedia

Founded in 2015, Everipedia is now the largest online encyclopedia based on blockchain technology. With more articles than Wikipedia, it has become the most popular DAPP in crypto. Everipedia adopts a token incentive mechanism to encourage more entries and articles (Wiki) from creators. IQ is the token issued by Everipedia. When creating new Wiki, the creator will earn IQ rewards, and the more contribution, the higher the rewards are.

1. Buy IQ in Newdex via TokenPocket

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Step 1: Tap [Newdex] on the Discover page

Step 2: Search “IQ” in the search bar

Step 3: Enter the amount you want to buy

1. Create a new Wiki and earn IQ rewards.

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How to Create New Wiki on Everipedia?

You can search [Everipedia] in [Discover] on the top of TP for Mobile to explore Everipedia. We support the CPU payment function now. (Demonstrated with TokenPocket for PC in the article).

1. Download TokenPocket for PC on www.tokenpocket.pro. New users need to set a log-in password and import a private key to log in.

2. Go to Everipedia.org and click on [Login]. Choose [Login TokenPocket]. (Some IQ tokens are required to release wiki on Everipedia, which can be exchanged on platforms like Newdex.)

3. Click [Create New Wiki], choose a type and find out if there the topic already has an article. Click [Create New Wiki] to edit.

4. Note: it is necessary to add [Citation] to release the new Wiki. (Click [Cite] to add a citation as demonstrated below.)

5. Click [Submit] after editing.

6. Click on your account and you will see the Wiki released and locked IQ (50).

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