#WeWearMasks Event | Join Us to Against the COVID-19

3 min readApr 4, 2020


As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues globally, over 1.21 million cases were confirmed in 204 countries and territories, at least 65,711 deaths by far. One world one home, TokenPocket Foundation (TPF) is calling all of us to fight together, to against the COVID-19.

Introduction of the Event

Today, TPF is launching a global event, “WeWearMasks”, to help and encourage people to wear face masks to protect themselves and their families. Through this online campaign, we want to expand the influence to the real world, to get more people involved.

TPF has made an initial donation of $1,000 worth of cryptocurrency and set up the wallets for public donation. TPF will convert the coins to stable coins and subsidize the users who in need.

*All the information of participants and donations will be recorded on the chain in the end.

Event Rules

  1. Go to the event page and generate a weared-mask avatar.
  2. Use the weared-mask avatar as your social network avatar and share this event with #WeWearMasks on your social network platform (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and etc).
  3. 10 lucky participants will be picked to receive a 5$ mask subsidy per day.
  4. For each retweet with #WeWearMasks, TPF will donate 100 TPT.

Distribution Plan of the Donation Fund

  1. TPF will convert the fund into stable coins each day.
  2. All the funds will be used on the mask subsidy.
  3. The subsidy amount & people will be increased based on total funds.
  4. We will donate the rest part of the fund to UNICEF which accepts cryptocurrencies.

Public Donation Address

EOS covidonenine

IOST anticovid19

BOS covidonenine

ETH 0xD801c181240950c41aacdBf46868245Ad297f4f5

TRX TFZVBZzuW8sFAqAgQ6BmaygcovKnmkHPWx

BTC 34KiDND4S5GvtiBLVsmW8tCbDtredWwmXx

LTC ltc1qxcsps4ggzh6mk0yw9l67a062c72pzjm3ygmt60

TPT covidonenine

BCH qpq69p4j3cqv2tqjq28pjnf6gxsn9k8mtgms4943yz

BNB bnb1dquu4macsvnx70acjp3sx7yfh8dy9a6fmlkxml

USDT-ERC20 0xD801c181240950c41aacdBf46868245Ad297f4f5


USDT-EOS covidonenine

DOGE DNV6jyDPbGxjpnG7gbNea9QCNyr4By5tiJ

DASH XrayXDWrmC497uhv48gWfbqm4toiLXyGsC

BSV 16z3cz7V5UomYFhKRz2mJkvgGMEMJUZ541

Special Thanks

We are very grateful for the generosity of the following members, they have offered at least $200 each in cryptocurrencies for this event:

链茶馆 — A trusted blockchain media
XPET- A blockchain game with pet raising and card strategy elements
BOS-A business operating system
Liebi Pool- Hold stake token, you can mine in every second
Coin Voyage-A blockchain game about the Age of Discovery
BigGame-A fair and exciting EOS gaming platform
IMEOS-An Independent Media that focuses on EOS News

If you are interested to be the official partner (provide fund/media support) of this meaningful event or have efficient medical supplies to help the people around, please reach us on bd@tokenpocket.pro.

If you want to help us to spread this event to the world, please contact us.




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