TP Courses 9— What should I do if did not receive my assets after transferring?

First, let’s look at the route of transfer from the exchange/wallet to decetralize wallet: the user submit a withdrawal — the exchange/wallet initiated the transfer operation — the transaction was packaged out to blockchain — the decentralize wallet received the transaction.

So, if you did not receive your assets after submitting a transfer, please follow the steps below:

1. Confirm whether the exchange/centralized wallet transfers money to the withdrawal address. If the transfer is initiated, a transaction hash will be generated, and the user can confirm whether the transfer has been initiated through the transaction hash on blockchain.

2. Check the transaction result. Due to network congestion or low gas fee set, there may be pending or fail, which means that the transaction has not been completed. If there is “success” shown on blockchain, it indicates that the transaction has been completed and the withdrawal address has received assets.

3. If the status is “success”, you may try to manually add this token/coin on the [asset] page of wallet. If the token/coin still shows zero, there are the following 3 possibilities:

  1. The Token has the same name. In this case, please confirm the contract address of the Token, enter the corresponding contract address of the Token, and then the assets will be displayed on your wallet.
  2. Transfer with a wrong chain. Errors often happen between EVM chains. If you transfer to other EVM chains, you only need to import the private key into the corresponding chain to retrieve the assets.
  3. The receiving address is incorrect. Once you fill in a wrong address or contract address of the token, the probability of returning is extremely low unless the owner of the address willings to get it back to you.

Note: Actually, transferring the Token to the decentralized wallet is to transfer to the blockchain. If the Token has not arrived, it does not mean that your assets have been lost.

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