What’s Behind the CryptoLegends

CryptoLegends is a Blockchain e-Sports mobile TGC built on EOS with 1038 types of cards available on the game, developed by Korea Blockchain Game Company weneepl, founded by GAMEVIL founding members.

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About weneepl

weneepl is a representative mobile game company in Korea and based on its APP and game development know-how, the company is promoting blockchain Dapp development and publishing. weneepl operates weneepl GAMES, a development subsidiary consisting of blockchain technology development and our own game development studio.weneepl is also a blockchain game publisher that provides total solutions from investments to development support, and launch.

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weneepls CEO (MR.Hyun) is a former COO who was a founding member of GAMEVIL, responsible for developing, investing and acquiring various game. CTO is also from GAMEVIL and has developed ‘Monster Warlord’ which recorded 26 million downloads globally.

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weneepl succeeded in attracting the 1st investment from VC in Korea, and it is currently attracting the 2nd investment from famous institutions and VCs.


GAMEVIL is a leading mobile game company in Korea. The major game include “Gamevil Pro Baseball” “DRAGON BIAZE” “MLB Perfect Inning series” In particular, it has 12 affiliates, including Com2s, which developed Summoners War.

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