$ZKF Staking Tutorial

ZKFair has now launched the $ZKF staking Campaign.

4 min readJan 11, 2024

The first community-driven Ethereum Layer 2 network, ZKFair, is set to introduce the ZKF staking mechanism. Users can earn Gas Fee profits from the ZKFair chain by staking ZKF, making ZKFair the first L2 network in the industry to distribute Gas fee dividends. Community users can claim 75% of the total Gas fee profits by staking based on the proportional points, while the remaining 25% is allocated to Dapp developers. The staking points depend on the staking amount and the product of the staking period weight, with longer staking periods resulting in higher weights and greater returns.

$ZKF Staking Tutorial

Mobile Wallet Use Guide:

Download TokenPocket: https://www.tokenpocket.pro/en/download/app

Create ZKFair Wallet Use Guide: https://help.tokenpocket.pro/en/wallet-operation/how-to-create-a-wallet/zkfair

  1. Open TokenPocket, click on the “Discover” menu and open the DApp for ZKFair Airdrop.

2. Open and click on “Connect Wallet,” then choose the TokenPocket method to connect your wallet. After successfully connecting, click on the menu in the top right corner, and select the “Stake” function from the list.

3. The staking interface will display current network staking data. To stake, click the “Stake” function in the “My Stake” dropdown menu.

4. In the staking interface, selecting the staking duration will yield different yield rates. After choosing the staked amount, click the “Stake” button at the bottom to sign the transaction. During this process, authorization will be invoked, and once authorized, the on-chain operation will proceed. Finally, the staking process is completed. After staking, relevant data can be viewed in the “My Stake” section.

Web Use Guide

  1. Open the staking website: https://zkfair.io/. Click on “Connect Wallet” to link your wallet, select TokenPocket from the list, and complete the wallet connection.

2. Click on the upper left corner “Stake” to enter the staking interface.

3. On the staking interface, you can view the current network-wide staking data. Click “Stake” in My Stake to stake your $ZKF.

4. In the staking options, you can choose the staking duration, which has varying yields. Set the quantity to be staked, carefully review the staking rules, and click on the “Stake” button at the bottom to initiate the staking process.

5. After completing the staking, you can view the amount of ZKF staked in the “My Stake” menu. If you wish to further increase the staked amount, you can click on【Stake】again to stake more.

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